Special Practice Request/Transmission

Prescribed by Padmasambhava to awaken bardo beings from intense fearful illusions arising from death in war, by weapons, and in accidents.

Precious Dharma Family, Trillions of thanks for the love, compassion, and practices you are all doing for the suffering beings in our human family. I am so grateful for sharing this practice of Tsonchei Mijigpai Gyalpo which I think is the right practice for this time. The Vajradhara 8th Khamtul Rinpoche and Vajradhara Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche stressed the urgency of this practice during these times of violence and war. Tsonchei Mijigpai Gyalpo means the supreme enlightened one who liberates bardo beings from the fear and terrifying illusions arising from death by weapons. I send all you practitioners my deep heartfelt gratitude and prayers for transmission blessings of these teachings directly from the Buddhas and from Gurus. It will surely be of immense benefit for all the dead since we are doing it with very profound and pure loving motivation, free from any partiality. I ask all Buddhists to practice this to help the dead from all sides and to protect the innocent.

With much love and gratitude,

Choegyal Rinpoche

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Please treat this text with respect as it is something beneficial to all, like a good medicine.

Copyright ©2007 Dru-gu Choegyal Rinpoche.