Saving the lives of animals at Dru-gu Monastic Institute in Thopa Shang, Chamdo, Kham, TAR.

Saving the lives of animals, such as Yaks, Goats and Sheep is an act directed to the accumulation of merits.
When they save the life of an animal, a tag is placed on their ears with the mantra of the Buddha of Long Life, OM AHMA RANI ZIVAN TEYE SOWA.
This constitutes an important Buddhist moral training in mercy, sympathy and understanding of other beings suffering through compassion.
Without the developing of these qualities, it is considered in the teachings of Buddha that an individual is not yet in the right track to a better rebirth, being reborn in a heavenly dimension or reaching full Enlightenment.
Due to the local climate it is hard for Tibetans to become vegetarians, only after the animal has passed away of natural causes, the locals can use the meat. 
Recently introduced seafood by Chinese merchants is still unfamiliar to farmers and nomads.
Tibetans beg from the depth of their hearts that chicken farms which routinely keep chickens cruelly caged for their entire lives are not introduced in Tibet under the pretext of progress, since they make human hearts blind to the suffering of the animals and only benefit the rich owners of such  farms.

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